13 March 2007


finally contented soul. now did you lacerate
me long enough. while all enticing secrets
were slowly whispering 'unearthly love'
like roses your drugs in bloom
in psychic beauty. my frantic heart.
i thought i saw you gloating over my private inferno
you owe me answers

the nights and days – in wasteful void
the glints of hope – as small defense
the smiles I faked – the blood i shed
my drifts of smoke – my 3 letter friends

the words i have
the spells i know
were not enough to make you happy
to make you smile again

e-minor / diorama


mikael said...

The images you have and the vision I get makes it complete.
Hope is in the air!

C said...

Strong photos in combination with the short poem. Beautiful and sad.

Anonymous said...

excellent visions ...