08 March 2007

Gruppof Inbox: Sovande Sommaridyll by Benny

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Eng: (Sleeping Summer Beauty)

Benny Persson writes:
"This is a deserted summer house I found,
probably deserted since the seventies.
It is close to where I live in Blekinge,
and I had to capture it with my
Zeiss Ikon with a plasticlens from Holga."
Via the inbox dept. © Benny Persson


jeanne said...

great stuff, Benny. Abandoned houses are always fascinating, and the plastic lens really worked well here.

F said...

Yes Benny, these very beautiful indeed! I wanna go there. :)

joanna said...

it reminds me of my childhood and the holidays in the country, at the lake, same pictures in memory. great! thanks for bringing it back to me:)

marcin said...

just feels almost smells like summers in childhood, beautiful pictures

mikael said...

Everything just wait to be awaken agian.
I love them all!

mats äleklint said...

These are wonderful benny!!

Jeanette said...

Lovely photos from an abandon place.... I really enjoy