16 March 2007

invited guest: Nils Bergqvist

I am honoured to present Nils Berqvist as an invited guest at The F Blog. As myself Nils prefer to produce traditional black and white silver gelativ silver prints. About photography he says: "Photography is my passion. It is a way to express myself and find out the mysterious of the world. If you take some time, great things will dissapear into yor eyes from very small parts of the world." Below are some of his interesting and beautiful photographs, taken with cameras like Diana, Holga and not the least Agfa Isoly I. Please also look at his homepage and blog

Breathing space at Adriatic Sea © Nils Bergqvist

Cycling clown among the people © Nils Bergqvist

How we long... © Nils Bergqvist

I am a part of the world © Nils Bergqvist

Grafitti Devil (and behind the wall sounds the songs from a low catholic mass...) © Nils Bergqvist

Invited by Fredrik Skott


Tsienni said...

Hej Nils,

I have read your comments posted under the recent fotosidan article on Sally Mann. Thanks for the excellent remark there! I'm glad I have the opportunity now to check out your photos as well. Beautiful work!

Greg said...


mikael said...

Very nice to have you here Nils, it´s always a pleasure to see your work!

Jeanette said...

Nice to see you here Nils and especially with such nice photos


Nils Bergqvist said...

I´m very pleased to hear your comments and proud to be invited on the F Blog.

mats äleklint said...

Yep, very nice nils! Wonderful!

Morgan said...

Amazing images, so much life in monochrome.

F said...

beautiful pictures, especially those grainy ones

F said...

Very clever and different together.

f. said...

Thanks for participating Nils. You know I love your photographs.
F. Skott

jeanne said...

Such beuatiul work, Nils -- and a sophisticated vision that's a joy to witness!

I look forward to seeing more.

F said...

Hej Nils!

Great to see you here on the blog!

Great work as always!