24 March 2007

Small Steps Home

3200 Asa -2 rue de la République Marseille okt 2006


C said...

I like the cathacombs impression and the silvery shadow on the pavement. Great!

mikael said...

You´ve captured that light and moment so good!

Ca viens de la rue said...

Last of the houses along Rue De La Republique that still refuses to be bought, normalized and renovated in luxury by the american firefighter-funds. Them yanks have practically bought the whole street, thrown out its inhabitants and are waiting for the rich people to come, whereever they are. The street (originally named Boulevard Imperial, name changed because of obvious reasons regarding france vs world-politics) was built by and for the very rich colonial lords of france, but the street never gained popularity as it's very badly situated creating a heavy windtunnel, so the rich abandoned it and the new french, from the old colonies, moved in. Today, all the luxury-renovated appartments are still empty, nobody wants to move in...
And if that wasnt enough irony and cliches about history repeating itself, the occupants of the last house, seen on the picture are vietnameese. Poor yanks.

Great photo, I think of it everytime I take this passage leading down from the old city of Marseille (le panier) into the vieux port. It got marks of a great history. I can imagine that Säffle-Gunnar Andersson also took this route on his many trips around the streets of Mars looking for his lost talent or for a place to spend the night.
Per-Arne please come back and capture all the other thousands of places in Marseille that deserves to be documented before its all gone.