19 March 2007


I still dreaming about spring...the sun was here and then it started to rain. I longing to wear my red dress


F said...

Strange thing Jeanette! I didn't see your post before I had already submitted mine...same thought, same longing for light.

I'm also longing for my red dress...;)

And flowers like this.


mikael said...

Yes, spring went on holliday this weekend and today but the mist will awaken spring again!
Beautiful J

abeku said...

Spring in the air... Yes!

jeanne said...

ah, so beautiful! we have the light now, and the spring birds are here, but we also have a foot of snow on the ground :/

mats äleklint said...

Yes, spring is needed NOW! Very beautiful picture, love the color.

cathrine said...

This is just beautiful, jeanette. would love to have a dress in a color like this.