17 March 2007

Take the tram in Amsterdam


Umma said...

Whaaat?! What is happening? This picture is so cool! How did you do that? It's almost scary

F said...

Hej Umma. 24 mm och silverfilm ja vanlig färgfilm. En decemberdag år 2000. Bara lite PS..;)!

F said...

Paa, wow!
I remember an old project of yours', "the blöta ljuset". This fits perfectly with that ambition.

mikael said...

Trampa på i amsterdam, vilken härlig vision, lite som färglagt 20-tal på burk eller nåt

mats äleklint said...

Like this P-A, very moody!

Jeanette said...

HUga - to see snow at this time when the spring started to show it´s face....hm...but yes, this is it...the look of these days. Nice capture and it seems like the people are flowing just a centimeter over the ground