11 March 2007

where are you, dr.Urbano?

i did join the race. hunting for success. selling dreams was all i knew.
for the rising stars and i did work hardmy important part.
all my feelings are with you. and i changed my life.
and i moved outside. where the water is clear and pure.
where the lands are wide. where the air is bright.
all my feelings are with you. and i walk up the hill.
and i can't stand still. 'till the day of our last rendez-vous.
and the leaves turn red. and i bow my head.
all my feelings are with you.
where i am? where you are?
where you are - deine lakaien


C said...

Well, sometimes I think U is like one of TS Eliot's cats, which has a night-time secret name. He comes and goes a bit like cats do. You'll never no, he might hide in the shadows somewhere close.

dr u said...

underground...looking for a cure...
Dr U