21 April 2007

explore the f blog

Have you tried the option "Search blog" up left? It´s an interesting way to find stuff in this big picture called the F blog. Try for example "peace", "love", "understanding" or "Africa", "tango"...well you get the idea.

There is a (perhaps even better) way of searching the archives. Try out "Search the F Blog", that you will find in the sidebar. It is a mini-Google searching only the F Blog.

Want to see a list of our many invited photographers? Check out the label all invited guests. We are also meeting photographers
in real life

Browse articles about photography or history of photography. Find out more about Gruppo F exhibitions.

Under label announcements you will mostly find information about exhibitions of photography around the world. But also information about what is happening at The F Blog etc.

Gruppo F inbox is the place to find pictures that our readers have sent to us.

Don´t forget to have a look at the sidebar, with headers like "postcards" and "F Blog Projects 08". And while you are there, check out the F links!


Nurse Rabbit said...

you are so smart, Dr F!!! I put my own name into that search box and found myself ever so many times.

It was just like do-it-yourself-enlightenment!!

Eternally Grateful,
Nurse Rabbit

Mr F (happydale) said...

well Nurse Rabbit
I don´t even dare to
search for "Dr"
That would probably make
the search robot to go insane

Mr F