04 April 2007

Folk blues festival (blues is blues)

Big Joe Williams

From left to right: Big Walter, Eddie Taylor, John Lee Hooker

These are not much of photos when it comes to technical quality. Nevertheless
they are very dear to me. Because I was there. In Copenhagen 1968 at the
American Folk Blues Festival. And the pictures help me to remember one of
the best music experiences of my life.
/Pictures by Urbano


mats äleklint said...

Wow!! What legends, this is great urbano. Big walter is a favorite harmonica player, not to mention john lee and the others.. do you have more pictures from this concert? I need to see a print sometime! :)

jeanne said...

wonderful wonderful!!! Back when the world was young :)

Nurse Rabbit and I used to play our ukeleles along to those records!

mikael said...

Ahh, music from the stoneage ;-)
Rocks bigtime

Torsten said...

Amazing to see Big Walter, Eddie Taylor and John Lee Hooker on the stage together. Must have been a great moment.