23 April 2007

from our friend in Budapest

the blue P letter

Breakfast at CEU

beauties of life

beauties of life (2)

beauties of life (3)

Personal Jesus

All pictures by ©Gyula Fazakas
Find more pictures by Mr Fazakas under all invited guests, Hungary.


Darren said...

Good to see you again, Laan!!!! Your imagination is always a delight!!! :)))))

mats äleklint said...

Yes! Wonderful! I especially like the first one.

urbano said...

you are a Central European Maniac
and I love that! ;)

F said...

Laan, you are an underwater party waiting to happen!!!


Fazakas Gyula said...

Thank You, F Blog! :)

mikael said...

Always a pleasure to see your work!

Jeanette said...

wow - gorgeous images