18 April 2007

invited guest: Mattia Marchi

I like the pictures of Mattia Marchi. These Holga shots are quite different from
the "mainstream" Holga pictures in my opinion. Sometimes brutal, realistic but
still beautiful.
The two first pictures and the last one were part of
Liljevalchs Spring Salon.
invited by ulf fågelhammar


Darren said...

Lateral thinking with your Holga...beautiful!!!

marcin said...

holga gives to photographer a certain guarantee of filtering the world by "artistic" filter and in most of the cases, this joy of using such a camera are making the photographer forgetting about thinking - your pictures are proving that most important is the personal filter. Ulf's right - your pictures are offstream of Holga clicking. I am happy to see your works here

C said...

Well, I really like your photos, especially the floating bicycle, it starts my thoughts off. Great!

mikael said...

Very nice visions!

F said...

Wonderful, love it!

Johan said...

cool matti! i keep finding your name in more and more places!