02 April 2007

Invited Guest: Olle Norling







Tuna Hästberg

-This pictures from 1993-94 derive from a project with photographs of abandoned buildings/monuments with connection to the mining industry in the middle of Sweden.

Of many reasons i´m happy to invite Olle Norling and to show his photography again. First, i simply love these photographs and secondly i have a deep interest in abandon placeses my self.
Invited of Jeanette Hägglund


ulf said...

I have seen some of these places too
in Bergslagen
Truly fascinating places telling us the history of the industralization of Sweden
I like that you have made straight pictures - no false sentimentality
as seen sometimes when this subject
is photographed

Jeanette said...

I like the geometry those objects and buildings create in the landscape and the huge size of them are impressing. Happy to ee you here with us again.... let it be more times


marcin said...

beautiful concrete forms. It feels like Silesia.

mikael said...

Agian these familiar places, so nice to see!

abeku said...

Great work! Good to see you here again!