26 May 2007

Colourbox scenery (iv)

Thanks for the show, Jeanne & Tom!


Anonymous said...

Colour is nice to. Fin titta tillbakabild. Ja verandan svävar lite nöjd. Att det skall va så långt till Eskilstuna nu då SAS strejkar och tågen spårar ur.

Darren said...

I would have loved to have seen it...let me know if you ever come to Scotland :)))))

Anonymous said...

Yep. It was a magnificent show!
And how nice to see a part of the gallery pictured by your magic colour box, Anders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anders -- it was just wonderful. One of the best days ever. I know that you know what it is like to spend long hours in the dark, wondering why you do it. I think that all of us traditional darkroom workers feel this way from time to time (or at least every few years).

this is why. Because when you do come out, and present the work to the world in this formal way, you find that it does have meaning for other people.

Iäm looking forward to seeing you again on tuesday! Excuse my typing, these crazy Swedish keyboards, you know . . .


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there with you those days. btw there is no other way then showing Eskilstuna's Form&Farg then in colours - magic place with magic light with magic people

Anonymous said...

the trick is to have a digicam marcin
if you want it fast on the blog
you know we have to process the film and scan and stuff
but anders saved the day with his monsterDigi