19 May 2007

gruppo F inbox - Dancers by Johan

Photographer Johan Eriksson Uppsala Sweden

My passion in photography lies in capture feelings and light. In dance I find solitude, love, passion, melancholy, anxeity and joy of life. Dance capture with its tender and sometime provocative movements all great emotions in life. I am very thankfull of having the oppurtunity to collaborate with some of the best up-coming dancers in Sweden o fullfill my passion in photography of dance. I could write how it all started but I keep that for the future to tell the Saga. Meanwhile I would be very happy if you turned to my
webpage to explore more about my dancephotography,


ulf said...

Alive and kicking
A pleasure to see these pictures
with so much energy, colour and movement

F said...

yes, energy! You've conveyed it very well here -- I lok forward to seeing more as time goes on.


Ulla said...

Great Johan, know you are working with this project with your body and soul more than 100%
I have already seen a lot of the pictures
love them and what is behind.