28 May 2007


stereo: hello!Lviv (UA) vs Catania (IT)
stereo: flower & coiffeur
Warszawa (PL) vs Kraków (PL)


mr urbano said...

i love the second stereo especially
so clever
with the flowers!

Darren said...

I think that 'globalization' existed long before it was given a name...love this series on universal themes :)

gianfranco liotta said...

Dear Joanna Kinowska,
I am a non professionist photographer from Catania, Italy, where you took the picture at.
I must say it has been a great surprise, mainly because I know the place where the picture was taken.
At the time I am in Morrocco, studying at Rabat University.
I hope to post some pictures in the blog.
I like a lot the stereo works, yours expecially.
With all the best wishes,
gianfranco liotta