10 June 2007

invited guest: Agnieszka Sym

Agnieszka Sym, born in Warsaw, living and taking pictures there: in urban space, on the streets, without one-dimensional theme, with subjects that were interesting for her. She is an amateur (remember: from French – lover of) photographer, doesn’t have to make assignments, doesn’t take photos for anyone else then herself, can go her own way. Some of us find on that photos moments, which otherwise will be unnoticed, even if those moments are funny, irrational or from other point of view – just interesting and worth to be photographed.

invited by Marcin Górski


UB said...

In one word: Phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures
in the spirit of Elliot Erwitt
Thanks for showing here
/Ulf Urbano

Anonymous said...

you have some wonderfully seen things here.

Anonymous said...

I like your prints. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Lovely moments...wow, inspiring.

Anonymous said...

superrrrrrrrrr! small moments, so delicate and suprising to see, to discover and undercover them back again. i tak dalej :*