29 June 2007

now and then

Every now and then/ you hold me/ and now and then/ you're thereevery now and then/ you show meand now and then/ you care now and then you love me/ now and then/ means everything to me/ 'now and then' - archive

then it was the most important public place for sports and official meetings - as for the 1st of may, and the reiging communist party day, etc... now it's the biggest market in the central europe (!) or ever further! multilanguage place, various skin color, any-thing for sell! after the busy day from 3 a.m. till 3 p.m. it looks strangly deserted. it will all be deserter in a few months time, as the local policies are going to build there a brand new stadium...

1 comment:

abeku said...

Yes, the times are changing. The first and the second picture are pure magic!