09 July 2007

Cuba - everyday life

I am glad to be able to publish some more pictures by a great
photographer; Bela Doka from Hungary. He
was living for 4 years
in Cuba and made many
important pictures. You will be able
to see some of them
here at the F Blog. -urbano

All pictures by © Bela Doka


Joannes Ceyrat said...

I just discover Bela's work and I must thank you, that's a really great moment to watch his portfollio.
Thank you F-Blog !
Thank you Bela.

Anonymous said...

that's what I needed for the end of the day. Stay with us, show us more of your pictures. Just great

Anonymous said...

they are all so perfectly catched!!!
i'm so glad i could have seen these here!!!

laan said...