03 August 2007

invited guest: Alberto Monteiro - projecto lagarto

“Lagartos” is the portuguese word for “Lizards”

“Sardão”, is a kind of lizard

“Sardoal”, is the place where the “Sardão” (lizard) lives

The ancient town of Sardoal, in Portugal, 150 kilometres northeast of Lisbon, is a place trying to keep its traditions alive by promoting them in the main cultural cities of Portugal. Its inhabitants are proud of their rich history and traditions and keep their way of life somewhere between “modernity”
and “ancient” rituals and traditions.
Throughout one year of photographic work, I visited Sardoal to capture its people and their traditions. As Sardoal is devotedly Catholic, most of the festivals there are religious but, I also captured some other important local activities that people relate to.

you may find more works (also more works from this series) of Alberto at his site. I belive we show not the last time his works at the F blog.
Alberto always appeared to me as photographer with the philosophy of photographing most suiting to mine, perhaps this is why (and of course - because he shows Portugal) his works are appeal to me strongly.
Alberto is very active photographer but also animator of photo-life in the net and in real life.
He's creator of cult portal fotoalternativa.net

invited by Marcin Górski


jeanne said...

Alberto, welcome to the F Blog -- it's a pleasure to see your work. Photographs of pepople going about their daily lives always fascinate me, because it is not a thing I do very often. I think it takes both vision and courage.

abeku said...

I've coming back to these pictures during the last few days. They are so strong and full of life. So beautiful.

joanna said...

awesome documentary pictures. lot of feeling ans story behind each picture.
there is one picture with the band (i believe) - on the first sight doesn't work in this series, but in the end, brings new light for all these works. more universal and general. lot of gooooooooood photography here. thanks for sharing!

F said...

Yes these are all lovley, and the one with the man and the dissapearing procession, oh my. I love that one!


F said...

The man with the accordion and his searching hand.

More than music with his hand.

interpretation, Key, chord and picture!