15 September 2007

The F Blog - one year!

We are celebrating one year with da F blog and expecting cakes and

sweeties from our readers (and some awesome pictures!). The first

post was actually made on Sep 11, 2006 but how about celebrating
the 16th of September as our birthday? Calling all devoted, was
title of the post.


Anonymous said...

This image has been done in the past but not this well. The detail and tonal range are fantastic. A great birthday celebration image.

Anonymous said...

Klick eller knäpp...Den här är bra.
Påfåglar bär sina egna universum. Görs det synligt blir det ärligt. Ja respekt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

God made man but a monkey supplied the glue :)

Jan Buse said...

Happy birthday! Great picture by the way, I really am sucker for those silvery tones!

Anonymous said...

know what you mean tomas