30 September 2007

invited guest: Światosław Wojtkowiak

Światek "Nygus" Wojtkowiak doesn't like to say much about himself. He told me: I am 29 and I am wandering mainly through Africa. I earn for living by working for photo agency and as a tour guide.
The picture of course is not complete, you will find about Nygus much more when you look at his web site and see his excellent pictures made in all of the continents.
Few days ago National Geographic Poland announced the winner of the NG Grand Prix 2007 - it was our guest.
My, and I am sure whole of the F blog editors, best congratulations.
picture awarded by National Geographic Grand Prix 2007

invited by Marcin Górski


Anonymous said...

Światosław, how marvelous your pictures are! The subtle shadows showing the people under the tree, for example. There is a lot of smells and sounds in your photos indeed.
Congratulations to a well-deserved prize!
-Christian W

Anonymous said...

Yes the shadows and all the situationes in between....!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, truly excellent.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Światosław!
This is great work!

mats äleklint said...

Wonderful! Stunning images.