28 September 2007

ITD - 1`st of March 1981. Number 9 - "Atmosphere"

I am writing BA thesis treating of the reportage in Polish weekly, student magazine ITD, which was published since 1960 till mid 80s. I am basing mainly on 1981 annual set of the magazine. The magazine crated something in a kind of "reportage school", which was most active since mid 70s till 1981, when the redaction was closed for the time of martial state in Poland. This stream based mainly on opposition to "success" propaganda of Edward Gierek. Photo-reporters focused on the grey life of People`s Republic of Poland. They were choosing the subject by themselves, and through the pictures were commenting surrounding reality. They were touching unspoken things, and forcing for many months publication of ready materials (we had censorship). Reportage presented below was published in no. 9 issued March 1st, 1981 - "Atmosphere". Pictures made by Andrzej Kiełbowicz and Mirosław Makowski. It`s worth to underline again, that it was the photographer who decided how should look the layout like. Pictures were occupying two pages, the space was larger then A3 format. Pictures shall be seen through the filterof early 1980s reality. It was time of political and economical destabilization. Everything you can see easily on the street.

"February 1981.

Mood of streets, meetings, atmosphere of daily life, different, like from completely other movie, which was played till now. Sequences were mixed, stage decorations changed, aside old actors, appeared new set of actors and stunts. New roles. New dramaturgy and situations. It wasn`t predicted by any scenario. "Impossible" occurs already so many times, this won`t happen, happens again and again, and it won`t be so bad, becomes reality so, as it appears, you may then easily get used to this atmosphere. It becomes usual, difficulties, euphorias, fears and bravery are toned. They are becoming daily reality. They are tiring, tiring more and more and at the same time determining and inuring. Flags, flags again. Moods swing. Morning papers, which are always late. TV news at 7.30 p.m. Another, new rhythm, nervous rhythm of the street, vibrating, pulsing. Difficult to register, disappearing, ambiguous and perhaps that`s why fascinating when registered.
D o c u m e n t."

Thank`s to Marcin Gorski for halping in intranslation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Staszek for this interesting article. I didn't expect a magazine like ITD to exist during such a long time - was the focus of ITD the same during all the decades? I think the work by Kielbosicz and Makowski is marvellous, even the layout is appealing. Please share with us more pictures of the "grey life"!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know Staszek that this
material you provide is most welcome.
Very interesting and I hope to hear more about it!