25 September 2007

Smells funny?

Have a look at this blog: "Film is not dead, it just smells funny."
Great pictures and texts. /urbano

"A place for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera.

35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color or black and white, whatever,
as long it is
not digitally shot."


Lina Nääs said...

Thanks for this link - I found some great stuff there, but hey why the hard words against digital photography? Rude... :P

Anonymous said...

hey Lina
Read the "About" section
"I do not hate digital photography , for my daily work I use it myself.
But after using digital for a few year I am slowly going back to analogue."

Jan Buse said...

What great photos on this site! No, analog photos doesn´t smell funny at all.

Exposed Material said...

Yeah, that's the right attitude!

"Digital photography doesn't smell"-Sally Mann

Anonymous said...

smells and smells, I thought we were talking *looks* here, weren't we?
-C :)

Antje said...

Actually, I like the funny smell of fixer and developer. ;-)