26 September 2007

What´s all this!

On Photography
- an interview with Cartier-Bresson by Charlie Rose

CR: Was your photography influenced by your early interest in art?
C-B: My photography is just an instant drawing.

CR: And you returned to drawing?
C-B: I never quit drawing, the camera is a way of drawing.

CR: Is that how you see the camera simply like a tool, like a brush?
C-B: Exactly.

CR: When you take the photograph, is their a moment for you when you
know to snap?
C-B: When the subject takes me. I´m receptive and I shoot, It´s just to
concentrate, in the silence, and you mustn´t want, you must be
receptive, don´t think even, the brains is a bit dangerous. Sensitivity,
the flavour… (sniffs in the air).

CR: Something must have made you want to be a photographer
C-B: I don´t consider my self (being) a photographer! I´m using the
camera, but there is millions of photographers. It´s what you see…

CR: So you see yourself simply as an artist?
C-B: Hmph! I´m just a human being! Anybody sensitive is an artist! Whats
all this!

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provided by Jan Buse

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