16 November 2007



urbano said...

yes, we are looking forward to light the first candle
again dear archaeologist - this one stays in Urban´s mind
it speaks to me
don´t know yet what it means
but I will try to figure it out

Rhonda said...

wow...it speaks to me too! Wonderful!

Christofer said...

Well I did see this at FS, and love it from the start. It is kind of like that drink we have for christmas called 'black christmas' it is a mixture of hemkört and julmust...and apart from being black itself, it could turn you blind...

This is like a antichristmas carol.
Like someone has tried to injure mother earth itself by sticking a christmas tree into the ground. It is the story of of someone being really pissed at christmas and its tradition.

Above all it is a wonderful piece of art.

jeanne said...

fabulous -- it's not telling a story, it's just singing!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but this really stinks as a photo.