29 November 2007

invited guest: Leszek Kowalski

Selfthought photograper. Leszek is connected with photography Since 1997. Founder of Jedrzejow Photographic Association joining amateur photographers from this part of Poland. He organizes and participates in several photo actions (exhibitions, meetings, contests) per year.
Leszek specializes in portrait and lomoscape photography.
Since July 2007 member of ZPAF (Polish Association of Fine Art Photographers).

You will find more of his works at his web site.
invited by Marcin Górski


altnőder said...


ulf fågelhammar said...

the first one and the last one are my favourites so far
That sign...what does it mean...makes me think of the FSA photographers for some reason
great work Leszek

heyckendorff said...

Great pictures....the "polaroid" style suits them fine