20 November 2007

invited guest: Liang-I Chang

漁人‧碼頭 Chinese and Vietnamese fishermen in Tamsui, Northern Taiwan series by Liang-I Chang
Chinese fishermen employed by Taiwanese boss are prohibited to get out of fishboat, due to the complex cross strait relationship. So , they work , they eat, they sleep they do everything in the boat and that is their only one place. If they get out of boat and captured by the police , they will be sent back to China.

Liang-I Chang (Leo Chang) is photojournalist who works for the Appledaily, Taiwan's largest newspaper.
I have worked for 15 years in photojournalism and still love my job.
My photography is focused on the people in Taiwan , their live and their work, and I think this is a lifelong topic me -
says Liang-I.
More of Liang-I Chang's pictures you will find here

invited by Marcin Górski


liang-i chang said...

The man with a Vietnam flag on his jacket asks me to take a picture for him, he wants to mail this picture to his family in Vietnam.

One week later, I go back to their fishboat and intend to send him this picture. But his

friend tell me , he has escaped from the fishboat a few days ago.

I were very sorry I can't send him this picture at that time.

F said...

What a rich documentary work you present here. So many people, so many things to do. Many thanks for participating!

marcin said...

let's hope, thanks to F blog, he may have a chance to see one day this picture. thank you for giving us the chance to show your pictures here

Per-Arne said...

Very very nice and interesting pictures Mr Chang.

An Xiao Photography said...

Really gorgeous - wow. This is a fine set of documentary images.