13 November 2007

literature and photography

A couple of weeks ago at the library I stumbled upon these books written by the Swedish author Ivar-Lo Johansson (1901-1990). I guess they are almost forgotten and unknown by the public in these days, but the books had a great impact when they were published, especially the book about old people´s homes (Old age,1949)

In the introduction to this volume containing all four books, the writer describes the cooperation with the photographers. Yes, these books could also be seen as books of photographs with text by Ivar Lo-Johansson. Many of the photographs are truly unforgettable and my guess is that they will be remembered even longer than the text.
In any case, it was a brave and progressive project. The author tells about visiting over 1 000 old people´s homes in all of Sweden, travelling 3 000 km with the Swedish Romanies (gypsies) to Camargue in southern France or living with "les clochards" of Paris. The book about the landless peasants was part of his own life - he was brought up by parents that once were "statare".

Find out more about Ivar Lo-Johansson

Photographer: ©Gunnar Lund (from the book about the landless Swedish
peasants known as "statare") - 1949

Photographer:©Sven Järås (From the book "Old Age", 1949)

Photographer:©Tore Johnson, from the book "Unknown Paris"-1954- the picture
shows firemen carrying a young woman drowned in the river Seine.

Photographer: ©Anna Riwkin-Brick from the book "Road of the gypsies" -1955.


Ulla said...

Very interesting, Ulf!

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fantastic pictures