18 November 2007

Street corners - invitation to participate

There is something special about street corners, don´t you think? People make appointments to meet there, unexpected things happen around the next corner. So dear reader of The F Blog - go and have a look in your archives or shoot some pictures from street corners.

Please add information about the corner for example ; Regent's Street-Oxford Street, London...well you get the idea. If you don´t remember exactly where - just write London, UK or Planet Earth. If it is beyond that - well...

The picture above is back from the 1970s - a street corner in a small village, just to give you an idea of that it doesn´t have to be a corner in Tokyo, New York or Paris.
(picture by Urbano, Gotland, Sweden 1979.)

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caféconleche said...

I really like this project!it remind me a movie "smoke" in which a photographer in brooklyn, every day took picture of the street corner in front of his shop. every day a picture. I'll participate to it. Just let me know how. Virginia