27 December 2007

Documentary Photography: The Paradox of Reality

F blog friend Rhonda sent me a link to a lecture given by Francisco Mata Rosas in Mexico City at the Center of the Image, during the Mother Jones Foundation award ceremonies in 1995; "Fotografía documental paradoja de la realidad." Interesting to read. You may see pictures by Francisco Mata Rosas at the ZoneZero site.

ZoneZero is a site in Spanish and English dedicated to photography. In the "About" section the editors explain some of their visions and objects:"any work shown here should have as its most important merit, not how it was done but why.","to serve as a bridge between creative minds from all parts of the world, but in particular coming from Latin America.", "to promote the understanding of where, in the context of the digital age, the tradition of a "still image" is headed."

The site is well worth to explore. I recommend it.


beatriz said...
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beatriz said...

hello: im sending the following link to a Mexican foto magazine that publishes some of its feature articles online. The linked article is a well written essay on the role of photojournalism and the questions that arise about "reality" and the ethics of documentary work. I hope that it will be useful and contribute to Fblog's dialog.