07 December 2007

Kafé Zenit, Göteborg

Photo: Markus Jenemark


abeku said...

Beautiful light captured. I like the wall especially!

j. s-g. said...

I live close by Zenit and think that you have captured its mood beautifully. But there's usually more people ...

Tomeu Coll said...

Hi, I discovered this blog, and I really surprise. I was searching photographer blogs for a long time, and well, today I find this one.

Specially this photograph captured me. Is like if Robert Frank was born in Göteborg.

Please to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zenit café. As Joakim I live just next to Zenit. Of course I am a regular visitor, even if i prefer Hängmattan.... ;)
Nice captured!
F. Skott