28 December 2007

Three F Blog Projects 2008

Starting on 1 January there shall be three projects featured on The F Blog. They will be on all of the year for submissions from our authors and readers. We believe in a mix of a fast and direct dialogue as well as a more thoughtful, reflective and "slow photography". To reach our goal, we will have the projects running for a long period of time in conjunction with the daily twists and turns of the blog.

There is no limit to how many pictures you may send us, but on the other hand there is no guarantee that every picture submitted to the projects will be published. You may send individual or a series of pictures.. If it is a series, it could be anything from 3-7 pictures or enough to fit in a single blog post.

We are also planning to set up an online exhibition with the pictures provided by our readers and authors. And who knows, even a live exhibition?

The projects will be introduced to you very soon. So stay tuned to F.

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