01 January 2008

about titles of photos in F 08 projects etc.

We are truly glad to receive so many excellent pictures in our new projects. This is just the first day of 365 and we already have an impressive collection. Keep them coming! In order to "organize" this flow a bit, we have set up a list called "All photographers in F 08 projects." We will list your names there and link to the post where your picture is found. If you send more pictures over the year, they will be listed as well after your name.

You are free to put any title you want to your picture. The title will be displayed below the photo. If we have failed so far in putting a correct title, please send an email to let us know.

You are welcome to send series as well. If you want them published in a certain sequence, let us know. If you send several pictures, we may decide to publish them on different occasions.

Do you want us to link to your web site or blog? Please tell us. We will not do it otherwise. Many thanks!

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