24 January 2008

invited guest: Dariusz Siatkowski

name: darek
surname: siatkowski
height: one meter eighty centimeter
country / city: Cold Poland / Olsztyn
breed: mixed
distinguishing mark: a kitbag with old heavy cameras. On my back. Everyday.
creed: Photo-therapy. Believer.

Practising especial achievements:
taking-apart and put together again an old russian camera Smiena 8
two car bumps (only right side)
some broken glasses (hard drink)
three little books with poetry

Sometimes I'm writing, sometimes I'm sculpturing, sometimes I'm painting, sometimes I'm photographing... sometimes I'm alive. I'm trying to catch a little bit of light, little bit of pictures from books, from lifestory people which I know. I'm collecting sentences about photography, I'm collecting impressions and little delighties. I'm trying to know much less than I know. Knowledge lead us to blind. Let the blindness to lead you.

All of these pictures was took with old classical cameras (like Pentacon Six) and analogue materials (like Fuji Provia 400).
invited by Marcin Górski


Lina Nääs said...

Number five is my favorite but they're all great pictures. Great technique also! Nice to see you here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! I needed a fresh wind to blow through my mind, and this was it!

goodbye old birds' nests, spiderwebs, dust . . .

Anonymous said...

jeanne, I am looking forward to see you in colour :) Darek, thanx for the wind of change

Anonymous said...

wow ...
wonderful ideas and pictures !!!

Anonymous said...

thx a lot. Especially to Marcin. And thanks God for wind ;-)Best wishes to everyone

Altnőder Emese said...

seeing these already was my fortune beautiful photos.
they are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power they say. I guess you are of the kind that knows a lot - and then manage to forget all about it! It´s called "art" or something. Brilliant approach and work. Thanks for the show.