09 January 2008

invited guest: Nadia Baram (part one)

Nadia Baram sent me an excellent collection of pictures for her guest appearance on the F Blog. In these pictures I am struck by the way this young woman portrays men of all ages. The photos are from China and Mexico and...yes, this is such refreshing work! Can´t wait for part two./Ulf

The Trouble with Being Two
My relationship with photography has always been somewhat of a contradiction. Photography has been for me, a means of escape and at the same time a confrontation with my solitude. I have taken refuge amongst the unknown to feel less visible in my condition as a 'stranger', thinking that by making it obvious, I would need less of an explanation.

These photographs are for me a collection of these
attempts to escape, moments of silence in which i run into myself, sometimes frail and timid, other times, brave and shameless.
/Nadia Baram

Nadia Baram lives and works in Mexico City. She began studying photography when she was 9 years old at The Center for Contemporary Art in Mexico City. She later got a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University on Photography and Imaging.

She has published her work in magazines and newspapers in Spain, China, Mexico, and the United States. Her work has been part of collective exhibitions in China, Mexico, Brazil and The United States. She is currently an independent photographer and picture editor at zonezero.com.

All photos ©Nadia Baram
invited by ulf fågelhammar

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