25 January 2008

Kiosk - a mini project

Welcome to join a mini project called "Kiosk". The pictures above are showing "Sippans kiosk" in Stockholm- it´s been around for ever it seems. The kiosk was built in the early 1950s and is of quite a poor construction. But it is still there. I am very fond of the Pommac and Zingo neon signs.

Wiki has some interesting things to say about kiosks by the way:
In English-speaking countries, a kiosk is a booth with an open window on one side. Some vendors operate from kiosks, selling small, inexpensive consumables such as newspapers, magazines, lighters, street maps, cigarettes, and confections.

The word, which is of Persian origin, refers to an object that acts as a shadow or shade-maker. In fact, more detailed etymological studies reveal that the word "köşk" has the same ancient root as the Turkish word for shadow ("gölge").

Well, I guess you have a lot of kiosks in your archives dear reader of the F Blog. Let us know about them and the people on the inside or the outside.

Pictures by Ulf Fågelhammar


Per-Arne said...

Ulf din kioskserie är otroligt inspirerande. Zingo-ringen sen, Han/Hon som tänkte gjorde den är ett geni i det banala men giltiga viktiga universum vi känner. Kiosken som du tänker en krydda i bildlandskapet på så många sätt. Dokumentärt, subjektivt eller "sett" i ögonvrån. Ja alla ställen vi minns och går till i morgon...!

ulf said...

tack per-arne
fina ord