27 February 2008

invited guest: Ami Vitale (2)

I am honoured to present more pictures of our guest Ami Vitale; we presented her works few weeks ago, you will find them here>
Dembel Jumpora-Eyes-Adema Balde washes near her family's rice fields in the village of Dembel Jumpora located in the West African country of Guinea Bissua. She died as a teenager later that year after trying to escape an arranged marriage.

Alio Balde scrubs his body in front of the touffe, a place where bricks for the huts were originally made which had filled up with water. The end of the rainy season is the richest time of year when time to escape the daily chores is more readily available in the remote village of Dembel Jumpoa in the West African country of Guinea Bissau.

Dembel Jumpora-Dinner-Children eat the staple diet of rice from a communal bowl. During the end of the dry season, there is little to eat and many villagers will have only one meal of rice each day.

Boys play soccer underneath an enormous Bontang tree. Though the Fulani are a Muslim tribe, they also believe that this tree has a spirit. This mixture of animist beliefs and Islamic law creates a society which has a great respect for the land around them, the supernatural world and the laws of God.

more of Ami's works you will find on her web site.

all pictures ©Ami Vitale

/invited by Marcin Górski/


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I really love the one with the children having rice from the communal bowl.Many thanks for sharing your work Ami.

Anonymous said...

Yes clever, conscious and careful. From the pattern in the shampoo to all the hungry straight arms around the rice-bowl.

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Lesley said...

Truly outstanding series