01 February 2008

invited guest: Peter Kayafas

Peter Kayafas has photographed in many countries around the world. At the Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York City you will find an online exhibition containing 45 pictures from various parts of the world.

Peter Kayafas ongoing IRL exhibition is called Recent Photographs of America and will be on until March 1, 2008 at the Sasha Wolf Gallery. Peter´s photographs can also be seen in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art; the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art and several other places. When Kayafas is not on the road he lives in New York City. Many thanks for being with us and sharing these pictures from your current exhibition. /Ulf
invited by Ulf Fågelhammar
all pictures © Peter Kayafas


marcin said...

I've seen your works before, and I thought it would be just great to show them at the F blog. it seems everything is possible here :) great photography

joanna said...

lovely and awesome. nice to have you here :) greetings!