09 February 2008

Journey to the North Pole

breaking the ice



polar bear


man on ice

the North Pole

All pictures © Margareta Cortes
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marcin said...

the last picture brings me back memories of Winnie the Pooh North Pool expedition :)

urbano said...

I like the somewhat absurd feeling in your photos, the polar bear appearing as a pattern of ice, water and snow, the ghost, the icebow and the power of that tatooed ship breaking the ice. I get the feeling of an expedition to a strange, distant place - and the North Pole surely qualifies as such a destination
Thanks MArgareta

jeanne said...

yes, I have the same reactions as Marcin & Urbano here -- these are wonderful photographs, and despite their realism they evoke many fantasies and momories -- very well done!

joanna said...

superb series- very funny if i may say so :)
the best of all is the man on ice. :)
great-great :) and i'm happy to see these here in the Fblog :)