04 February 2008

Trycheln in Meiringen

The origins of the “Trychelns” lies in the pre-Christian time, as the inhabitants of the mountain valley (Haslital, Berner Oberland) at the longest nights of the year tried, to keep away the bad spirit from their villages.

Everyone swings its small or big cow bells in the same rhythm. Drummers indicate the tact. So it goes loudly, for hours, day after day, night after night. The faces are often masked and the faces and costumes are very fear-exciting. The Trychlen begins on the 26 December and lasts up to the last work day in the year, the Ubersitz. The night of the Ubersitz is the crowning conclusion of the Trychelns.
/Photo and text Walter Neiger

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urbano said...

A good story indeed
I guess there are more similar things going on this time of the year, I mean the Carnivals