29 March 2008

invited guest: Ben Huff

You Can´t See Denali From Here
My wife and i moved to Fairbanks, Alaska (sight unseen) in the summer of 2005. You Can't See Denali From Here was born from a need for me to come to terms with my surroundings. these images were a way for me to cut through the clutter, and find a more intimate relationship with the downtown area. Fairbanks holds very little of the quintessential Alaska- the one pictured in the brochures. it could be any town in the Midwest. at first i found it frustrating, misleading, but in time i grew to love it- not for what i expected it to be, but what it is. every walk, with my camera, from my apartment lead to a new level of understanding. these photos are a deliberate journey of seeking out that common thread of most small towns. finding that sweet spot of ambiguity, and also seeing character. /Ben Huff

I am glad to be able to show some of Ben´s pictures here. His blog huffphoto is one of the few blogs I find the time to read and it´s a joy to explore it. We will hopefully hear more from Ben in the coming months.
invited by ulf fågelhammar

All photos©Ben Huff


Anonymous said...

you are great observer

Anonymous said...

Although in color, some of these pictures make me think of "The Americans"
Great work Ben!