18 March 2008

invited guest: Tomasz Łapiński

Tomasz Łapiński: I'm a retired soccer player. I played on the Polish national team, in Champions League with Widzew Łódź, I won the Silver medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Is that enough of me ...? Now something about photography.
I like to be an observer, I like to watch, not just to see. I'm trying to understand and to tell my thoughts about what I saw. The world keeps amusing me and that's what makes photography so fascinating. It's like meditation for me, the inner talk, the way of seeing myself from the outside, and seeing the reality through myself. I hope this not sounds too complicated, because in fact I'm interested in people and their world. In the same time I'm trying to find myself.

/invited by Joanna/


Anonymous said...

each one of these images seems to have a little secret -- something to make me smile when I discover it -- great work!

Anonymous said...

wow, Łapa na F blogu :-) really nice pictures. you definitely break a soccer player cliche, if you know what I mean. Congrats.

Lesley said...

Excellent, excellnt series