09 March 2008

Jan Bernhardtz, photographer

"I find it difficult writing about myself. There is nothing special about my life. But I'll give it a try. In the beginning of 1960's I borrowed my father's camera to learn how to use one and to understand how to expose a film. I started to explore the art of photography. I spent some time at the photographic school where Christer Strömholm was headmaster."

When trying to make a living as a photographer I discovered that it was more important to be a skilful businessman than an artist and I was a lousy businessman. I earned my living working at a hospital and later for an electronic company. For many years I hardly touched a camera. Most of my images presented here were made in the years 1968-73.

Now I feel a period of revival regarding photography. A political awareness mixed with humour are important ingredients and I suppose many of my images contain a certain amount of bizarre surrealism.

I sometimes think about the images I never took during those years..."
/Jan Berhardtz

You may have seen the Bengt Björkbom Archives or the William Schmidt Archives here on the F Blog. This is our way of presenting photographers or photos that will not fit to just a single blog post or as a guest invitation. We dedicate the "Archives" to longer series or to an extended presentation of a photographer that we appreciate. I am glad to see Jan Bernhardtz taking part in this effort, and I hope he will share a lot more of his work here./Ulf

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Anonymous said...

this first guy is looking exactly like robert capa in the famous picture by HCB. great series!!!

[we got still no response from M]