11 March 2008

A meal in San Cristóbal de la Casas Chiapas

These pictures represent one of many Mexican kitchens - this is a kitchen where 125 children have breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. The kitchen is part of the Social Integration Center #30 in San Cristóbal de la Casas Chiapas.

Native children from poor families and from various communities come to this important touristic site in Chiapas to learn how to read and - if they are lucky- to stay there for several years. Their teachers and the "maestro chefs" become their second parents and their friends - without their solidarity and cooperation the childrens lives would be even harder. Today I share with you a meal - one of many served during the year- a meal that not many people are aware of exists. / Raùl Ortega

Estas imágenes representan una de las tantas cocinas mexicanas, esta es una cocina donde desayunan, comen y cenan 125 niños diariamente, una cocina que es parte del Centro de integración social # 30 en San Cristóbal de la Casas Chiapas, donde niños indígenas de muy bajos recursos y de diversas etnias y comunidades, llegan al municipio turístico mas importante de Chiapas a aprender sus primeras letras, y quedando ahí, si hay suerte, por varios años, donde los profesores y las "maestras cocineras" se vuelven sus segundos padres, sus compañeros de vida, donde sin solidaridad y cooperación la vida seria aún mas dura.

Hoy compartimos con ellos y con ustedes una comida, una de las tantas que se sirven durante todo el año y que casi nadie sabe de su existencia.

All photos and text ©Raùl Ortega


Anonymous said...

Many thanks dear Raùl for sharing this series. What strikes me is that apart from the narrative quality (you tell the story of this meal so well)each individual photo is of such a great artistic quality.
Un trabajo esplendido

br said...

estupendo documental, Raul. and thank you to Ulf and FBlog for posting it.

F said...

awesome work. wow!

Sehraeuber said...

excellent work, magnificent!