25 March 2008


Bengt says: "I found some old negatives that were "unknown" although they were from my work. This picture is from Stockholm, Old town - around 1960"
Photo: Bengt Björkbom


Anonymous said...

GamlaStan, my favourite place in Stockholm: at dawn, when I cross it to get to the T station and no one's still around in the chilled alleys and late at night, when I can spend my spare seconds walking up and down in those less frequented, wishing to regain confidence with myself.

Anonymous said...

Stadens larm kommer en bit bort härinne på gården. Mjuk-ljuset smyger från takåsarna, högtidligt ner efter väggarna. Akustiken och ljuden med den...kanske duvorna eller samtal från öppet fönster, blir synligt där han liksom lyssnar med blicken upp emot ljuset.
Very Nice Bengt

J. Karanka said...

I like this, it looks like the still of an old film. The lines on the right handside of the image nicely compensate for the man. Reminds me of watching Kaurismaki in black and white.

Anonymous said...

the backyards of Stockholm...I even remember one or two from that time
you captured the mood
like travelling in time