23 April 2008


The political situation in Taiwan has been somewhat special for many decades. Taiwan is recognized as an independent nation by some countries and by others not. China reclaims the island as a part of its territory, but has until now not performed any hostile actions, that is to say: unless the island will proclaim its independence. Traditionally, the relation between China and Taiwan has been tense, especially concerning the question of independence.

The picture "Fan" was taken about a month ago, during the last meeting of the Kuomintang party before the victorious elections. After many years in opposition, Kuomintang has now won the island's leadership and there is a process of trying to improve relations with China.

Text and photo: Alberto Lizaralde


Anonymous said...

Very good photo, im not so familiar with politics in taiwan so i wonder is he good for the nation? does most ppl want independence or are they happy with the relations to china?

br said...

really amazing foto. the so-human look in the eyes and the slogan on his shirt add to the socio-political impact of the image. !!