04 April 2008

(F)riday's Daily Print: Hops

photo: jeanne wells

Here's today's Daily Print. The project is going along quite smoothly. Some days (such as today) I have to post an older print because I don't have a dry print to scan, but for the most part it's keeping me busy as I try out new materials and let the experiments lead me along.

Did I mention that it's a lot of fun, too?
For more information, or just a look around, go to the Daily Print page.


Jan Buse said...

It´s allways a pleasure to watch the (daily) friday print here at the F-blog. Hops is "Humle" in swedish by the way.

Chris said...

Ah Humle, Beer. There is really nothing as good as an ice cold beer a warm summer afternoon is there? That first zip.

Lovley photo as always Jeanne, and the daily print is great concept.