11 April 2008

Happy Birthday Ulf!


Nurse Rabbit said...

And happy LATE birthday to you, Anders!

F said...

I made you a carrot cake, but I don't know what happened to it!


dr M said...

hollly F doctors birthday! wish you great light on your way

urbano said...

Holy Anders!
And you already finnished most of the cake! Shame on you.
mil gracias
and I wish you the very best

Per-Arne said...

Oj Ulf du fyller år idag.
Gratulerar på fördelsedagen.
Fin tårta Anders har bakat.

Anonymous said...

best wishes!


m. agejv said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Grattis Ulf!!!!
de är ju gubbar på tårtan du är väl inte en av dom ? =)))


T.T. said...

hörru B.T.
jag är evigt ung

youngster said...

Merry xmas Ulf.....öhhh no it was your birthday, happy birthday to pro