22 April 2008

invited guest: Manuela Martin

I am not a pro photographer but simply love strolling around and seeing the world through my camera. Some say I'v got a very strict and geometrical way of taking pictures, some say it's very minimalistic and abstract - to be honest, I don't really think about that.

All I'm striving for is displaying what I see when looking at buildings, as modern architecture is my passion.

Needless to say that I am really glad if some people enjoy to look at my work!

photos and text by Manuela Martin
more works of Manuela you will find here ->

invited by Marcin Górski


ulf said...

a very interesting interpretation of modern architecture
i am getting dizzy looking at some pictures-same sensation as in real life when walking in parts of the city where modern architecture is predominant
It doesn´t happen to often in Stockholm though
I read somewhere that there is probably only one street in central Stockholm where all the buildings are post 1960.

joanna said...

fantastic formes and shapes. love this kind of photography. unspoken architecture.. wow!