30 April 2008

Lennart Nilsson: Somewhere in Stockholm (Någonstans i Stockholm)

Lennart Nilsson is along with Christer Strömholm perhaps the internationally most celebrated and well known Swedish photographer. In this exhibition opening on 31 May in Kulturhuset, Stockholm we will be presented to some of Lennart Nilsson´s earlier work from the 1940 -1960´s when he worked on assignments for some Swedish magazines. There will be around 40 photographs by the master photographer in this exhibition, none of them previously exhibited. Something to look forward to. The exhibition will be on until 7 September. You should also have a look at www.lennartnilsson.com
All photos ©Lennart Nilsson


cafe selavy said...

Treasure for sure.

Unknown said...

Gotto visit that exhibition, love lennarts early work.